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Eat thee of honey wherein is healing for mankind
— the Koran


Of all the sugars provided by nature honey has had the longest and most enduring of relationship with humans. Dating back over 10,000 years honey has been a source of food, medicine and story, from the earliest Homo Erectus right up to our modern day Homo Sapiens. Honey is the nectar of the flowers of plants, gathered by the bee and stored in its stomach for transport to the hive. In the hive, the bee regurgitates the nectar into the wax cells of the comb. What follows is something which has fascinated scientists for decades. Moving the honey from cell to cell the bees begin a drying process which culminates with large numbers of the bees banding together to fan the honey and complete the evaporation process. When done we are left with the substance we know and love so much - honey.


In the past it was rare for honeys to be gathered from single floral sources such as clover and buckwheat; two varieties which predominate the supermarket honey shelfs today. Instead the bees would feast on a profusion of wild flowers each adding its own unique medicinal benefit which would then be imbued on the individual consuming it. Honouring this ancient style of honey production we specifically sourced ours from a community in Zambia where they gather only from wild hives. Hanging the hives high in the canopies of the Miombo Forest the bees are able to feast on a diverse and varied selection of medicinal plants. The result? A honey of superior taste and quality, possessing the unique medicinal compounds and nutrients lacking in single source honeys.


One of the benefits of consuming raw honey is that it contains a selection of all the hive products produced by the bees. From bee pollen to bee propolis each of these substances are contained in varying quantities in a truly raw honey. Pollen- the fine, powder like substance produced by plants - contains a rich and diverse nutrient sweep making it a favourite among athletes and those who expose themselves to high levels of physical and mental stress. Rich in protein, B Vitamins, minerals and flavonoids pollen has been discovered by scientists to be a food which one could indefinitely live on. Often insisted to be nothing more than a simple carbohydrate, raw honey is in fact a complex, nutritive food which holds much promise in the future, both as food and as medicine.


As previously stated most of the benefit to be found in honey actually comes from keeping the honey at a raw temperature - from harvest right through to bottling. While it is cheaper to heat the honey to a high temperature in order to make it flow more easily, doing so destroys much of the nutritional benefit. Focused on true quality and effectiveness we make sure our honey is kept at the lowest possible temperature throughout the manufacturing process. More expensive in the long run, but in doing so we can guarantee our customers are getting the best quality and most healthful product for their money.