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Your Greatness Tracks Your Exposure To Beauty

Patrick Queen
Pick a flower on Earth and you move the farthest star.
— Paul Dirac

Beauty has been inextricably woven through scientific and human advancements since civilisations inception. From Albert Einstein’s seminal theory of relativity to Paul Diracs groundbreaking contributions to Quantum Physics  – greatness is born off the back of beauty.

For Dirac beauty was life. A philosopher’s stone that turned the dry, boring world of theoretical physics into one of great splendor and mystery. Dirac was obsessed. Beauty his ideology. An intoxicating muse that helped pull back the curtain of nature to reveal its inner workings in all their glory. To some Dirac was mad, a fool for using beauty to measure truth.  In the eyes of Dirac, “If one is working from the point of view of getting beauty into one’s equation . . .one is on a sure line of progress.” Predicting the existence of anti matter at 25, uncovering a fundamental principle governing our universe he showed beauty could indeed reveal truth and inspire one toward greatness.

Can we all seek out beauty to help us win Nobel Prizes for contributions to Atomic Theory? Probably not.

Can we use it to guide us on our way toward our own great contributions in life? Absolutely.

As you go about your day today ask yourself, ‘How can I make my life more beautiful?’

Remember your greatness tracks your exposure to beauty.

What goes in magnifies and comes back out tenfold.

Kant or Kardashian?

Dali or Dancing With The Stars?

Chocolate Pulse or Chocolate Cake?

Same time investment.

Very different returns.

Choose your nourishments wisely - your greatness depends on it.

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