Euphonic Health


This is our triad;  our three founding and defining principles. They keep our feet firmly on the ground and our imagination soaring high into the sky. Scroll down to explore why we do what we do and how we are able to remain true and fair to our customers, ourselves, our partners and most importantly our planet - without which we would not be here. 

Small egos. Big hearts - this is how we roll.


We combine traditional wisdom and knowledge with the cutting edge in technology and science to create pure, nutrient dense products of exceptional quality. All our ingredients are either wild sourced or from organic farms ensuring food with maximum nutrient density free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Going further we choose ingredients which have been harvested when all their most important bio active markers are at peak levels, carefully drying and processing them to lock in these important compounds until the moment they hit your digestive track. Additionally, the herbal extracts used in our products are freeze dried at the source and free of all excipients (known anti nutrients contained in most herbal supplements) meaning the potency of the plant is maintained from harvest right through to consumption. Finally all our products are dairy, grain, GMO, sugar, nut, and soya free making them perfect for those following vegan, paleo, sugar and gluten free diets.

Our brand and products are built on innovation, on the idea of continually evolving and growing into something new, better, more exciting and effective than what came before. Whether with our packaging designs or our mixes and ingredients we always ask the questions; where can we take this next? What can we do to improve on what we have and with what is available in our market? With ten plus years combined of deep immersion in the design, retail and nutrition industries we create very unique products with potential to span across and innovate multiple market spaces. It is this very unique mix and perspective, combined with our drive, knowledge and passion for what we do that sets us apart from the crowd and will continue to do as we move forward and grow as a cutting edge, ethical business. 


Many companies promise and advertise about their green credentials yet few actually deliver when and where it matters. We do both. We shout about our sustainability and we deliver. All our ingredients are wildcrafted and/or sourced from organic farms ensuring the health of soil and water systems while protecting forests and biodiversity. Our honey comes in glass jars that remain to date the most easily processed and most readily recycled container choice. Unable to find a material for our Chocolate Pulse packaging which is sustainably produced AND which can be easily, cheaply and readily recycled, we chose plastic pouches as a temporary option. While plastic is disastrous when it escapes into our environment it remains, next to glass, as the material with the most abundant and state of the art recycling options. Faced with this dilemma we choose to go with a material which can be recycled easily by everyone, everywhere verse newer materials (Oxo-Biodegradable) which while they may decompose faster currently have no processing facilities at recycling plants - they end up in landfill leaching into the water table instead of being reused in other cool and innovative ways through recycling. The other option we are currently exploring is biodegradable - again though (sadly) this is a very new thing in the world of packaging with products woefully lacking in functionality and style compared to their plastic counterparts. We ask then that you PLEASE, PLEASE are conscientious in your recycling, disposing the plastic pouches at the correct recycling points while we work diligently alongside packaging manufacturers to find a solution to this problem. As we move forward and grow we will continue to seek out and push for better, more sustainable packaging choices as first, not last choice considerations in a business model.