Euphonic Health

Chocolate Pulse - Where It All Begins

Patrick Queen
As they fell from heaven, the plants said, ‘The Living soul we pervade, that man will suffer no harm’.
— — RIG VEDA X.97


From ancient Mesoamerican herbal chocolate drinks to modern day medicinal mushroom extracts, plants and fungi have been used for millennia by humans to boost mental performance, increase energy levels, aid in recovery and ward of sickness. Chocolate Pulse builds on this legacy. Combining these old world traditions of nutrient dense, medicinal foods with cutting edge modern day scientific research we created an innovative, all-in-one blend to enhance your daily life. Synergising omega-3 and fibre rich seeds, with polyphenol and antioxidant dense raw chocolate, topped off with the best adaptogenic herbs gathered from around our planet - Chocolate Pulse was born. Delicious, packed with power and easy to use. Chocolate Pulse is your number one ally in helping you adapt to todays stress filled modern world.


This is the house special. Chocolate Pulse employed in its easiest and most potent form as a satisfying, easy to digest drink. Here is all you need to power up and get started;



Pour 250ML of water into the blender. Add 2TB of Chocolate Pulse. Add 1TB of Raw Forest Honey. Blend until smooth, frothy and creamy. Pour a big tall glass and enjoy!



Store in the fridge to cool you on a hot summers day or alternatively heat gently on the stove to make a silky smooth hot chocolate to warm your cockles in the winter. Goes great with your favourite green powder or any extra protein you might be taking such as hemp or organic whey. Simply chuck a scoop in alongside the recipe above and enjoy the delicious chocolate edge that it gives it. Love chocolate flavoured porridge? Then simply mix 2TB of Chocolate Pulse into your morning porridge to drastically boost and round the nutrient profile of your breakfast.