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What is Euphonic Health Coaching?

Euphonic Health Coaching is online and in person coaching that focuses on making you the strongest version of yourself in the most efficient and effective way possible. Combining comprehensive, fully customised nutrition and lifestyle protocols with one to one personal training sessions Euphonic Health Coaching gives you the keys you need to progress in your health and fitness journey. Whether absolute beginner or fully fledged gym hermit our programming meets you where you are at and takes you where you want to go. Amateur or pro our philosophy always stays the same - building strength of body and mind to help overcome life’s challenges.

What to Expect

Exercising often brings to mind hours plodding away on the treadmill followed by a few thousand abdominal crunches. Not only is this a boring an uninspiring way to train it is also incredibly ineffective and is in no way conducive to building a strong and healthy body. At Euphonic Health building strength, increasing performance, looking and feeling great are our goals and we achieve this through time tested methods combined with the latest in nutrition and exercise science.

The barbell, kettlebell, our own bodyweight and the gymnastic rings will be our weapons of choice - tempered with a huge dose of fun. Working the whole body, incorporating the longest effective range of motion with progressive weight loading, these training modalities have stood the test of time in building the strongest and healthiest bodies. Working outside, at your home or in the more traditional gym environment we adapt these tools to meet the needs and goals you have as an individual. This is our own unique strength and selling point - we see you the client as an individual with specific goals and needs therefore, everything is customised. Your training. Your nutrition. Your supplementation stack (if its needed). All of it. For you. From scratch. Whether weight loss goals, body sculpting, strength building or performance enhancement our attention to detail surpasses anything offered by the commonly prescribed cookie cutter programs currently on the market.

Services Offered

While we do offer one-off sessions we suggest from an economic and value perspective to begin with the one month package. While the one-off sessions are incredibly beneficial and motivating, a minimum of four are really needed to equip you with a solid knowledge and experience base to go away and begin to train effectively in your own time. This ultimately is what we are all about - self empowerment.

Before commencing your sessions we will ask you to keep a food diary for one week using a food tracking app such as myfitnesspal. Further, a free thirty minutes session is also offered within this week to set your goals and asses your current movement patterns, strength, and skill levels in order to help programming and your development.

Current rates at this time of writing are;

  • £40 - one in person session, 1 hour each. Either at home, gym or outside.

  • £140 - four in person sessions a month, 1 hour each, including a fully personalised exercise and movement programme, customised weekly eating plan and comprehensive lifestyle guide. Either at home, gym or outside.

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Who is Patrick Queen?

Patrick is the founder of Euphonic Health working and living in Glasgow. A certified personal trainer he has been involved in the health and fitness industries for over a decade. Fusing gymnastic and barbell training, weightlifting and nutrient dense eating Patrick has developed his own unique approach to health and fitness helping individuals to tap into their natural strength and reach their full potential.

Patrick is dedicated to his profession and craft and is continually developing his methods & techniques to learn and grow more in the field he knows and loves so much . He is heavily committed to his training and a firm believer in practising to the best of your ability what you preach.